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Plastic dish rack

Plastic dish rack

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Product Features

  • ¡¾Attractive appearance¡¿ Attractive appearance with integrated functional design and assorted colors such as white, black, red and blue, which create a neat and clean kitchen.
  • ¡¾Unique design¡¿Removable dish holder can be folded when it doesn't work. The handles made of stainless steel are easy for us to move it to everywhere. Also, the outlet is fixed on the rack. Just pull it out lightly and it can drain quickly.
  • ¡¾Intergated frame, small package¡¿With integrated frame, use conveniently and clean easily. The packaging volumn is very small. It can largly reduce the packaging materials and freight.

Product Specification
Product size:43.5*33.5*8CM
Material:PP+TPE+Stainless steel
Color£ºwhite,black,red and blue

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