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Radial dish rack

Radial dish rack

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Product Features

  • ¡¾Attractitve appearance¡¿Beatiful radial wire designed pefecetly shows its attractive appearance£¬it fidy and decorate our kitchen.
  • ¡¾Large capacity design¡¿This large dish rack can handle assorted dinnerware such as bowls, plates, cups, cutting boards, pots and pans.

  • ¡¾Removing cutlery holder¡¿The plastic cutlery holder with divisional and removable design, good to hold any types of forks, spoons and other tableware.

Product Specification

  • Product size:48.4*32.5*13.5CM
  • Material:steel
  • Color£ºsilver
  • Product Model£ºEG-KD007S

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